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Create sound effects, music, and speech with generative AI

Generate unlimited, high-quality audio from text prompts. Wavegen enables you create unique, relevant, immersive audio experiences.

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Your personal AI sound designer

Spend less time endlessly searching for relevant, high quality sound effects and more time creating quality content

Generate sounds relevant to your projects

Generate sounds with unlimited variety, for any use case. With AI, your imagination is your only limitation.

Explore in a community of sound designers

Browse and share with a community of sound-files, creatives and creators. See what others are making and share your own creations.

High fidelity, license-free audio

All Wavegen generated sounds are license-free 44khz files for usage in any project without limitation.

Generate entire sound-packs

Generate entire sound-packs with a single prompt, to cover multiple use-cases quickly.

Early access is now available!

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